14 Jan 2018
Fencing - International Cadet Epee tournament in Bratislava

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In preparation for Edward Don s first International Cadet Epee tournament in Bratislava, 12-14 January 2018, he was entered in the Cambridge Winter Open tournament held at the University Sports Complex on Sunday 7th January 2018. This tournament is the first of the year and attracts fencers from around the country and some international fencers of all ages.

In the first round of Poule s Edward won all of his 5 matches comfortably. In the second round of Poule s, he struggles a little winning two, and losing two. The fifth match was abandoned as that fencer retired due to injury.

After these Poule rounds Edward was ranked 9th from a field of 57 fencers. In the first direct elimination he faced seed 56, which should have been a straightforward match, but the opponent proved to be difficult resulting in a 5:5 level at the end of the first period. After a minute break and discussion with the coach (Baldip Sahota) Ed came back to win 15-8.
The second DE in the Last 32 was against a very experienced senior fencer and again at the start it was very even, with 6:6, and again after a break Edward went on to win 15-11.
This lead to the Last 16 match against a very strong fencer where the scores were neck and neck, 11-10, and again Ed finally pulling away to win 15-12.
The quarter finals saw Ed against Sage, who had previously knocked out the No1 seed. At the end of the third 3min period the score was level at 7:7. At a result like this, the referee tosses a coin to award "Priority" so that if at the end of the final minute and no hit has been scored, the fencer with Priority wins. In this match Ed won Priority, however he quickly made a hit thereby winning the match and going on to the semifinals.
Unfortunately here, Ed met Christian Gustavsson, a 31 yrs old, Swedish National Team fencer who showed amazing footwork, speed and precision , quickly taking a 6:3 lead.
Edward fenced well, but the experience and speed of Gustavasson was too much and finished at 15-7.
However in the context of Edward s age (17yrs old) he was one of the youngest and least experienced fencers in the field of 57, the Bronze medal is a fantastic achievement.
Congratulations Edward Don.