06 Dec 2018
Past Pupil Profile - Bubby Upton

Name: Bubby Upton

House at Stowe: Queens

Sports played at Stowe: Hockey, Tennis and Lacrosse

Representative levels achieved: I was lucky enough to play for the Firsts for hockey for 4 years at Stowe. I was in the A team every year for Tennis for my age group and started playing for the First team when I was in 5th form so played first team tennis for 3 years and I played in the first team for lacrosse for one season when I was in lower sixth.

A Level results: A*AA

Uni attending: Edinburgh University

Future ambitions: I am a great British event rider and have been lucky enough to represent Great Britain four times and was crowned the Junior European Eventing Champion last year after winning Individual Gold at the European Championships. So I hope to pursue my Equestrian dreams of representing my country at a Senior Championship in the future once I have finished my degree at Edinburgh.

Your time at Stowe: My time at Stowe was genuinely the most unforgettable 5 years of my life and I wish I could go back and do it all again. Everyone from the headmaster, Dr Wallersteiner, to my teachers, sports coaches, house mistresses and matron were so supportive to me throughout my time there and I will be forever grateful for everything they taught me, the guidance they gave me and the support I received from them. I was constantly juggling my academics, school commitments and school sport with my riding at home, which was 2 hours from Stowe, but everyone at Stowe did everything they possibly could to make it possible and as easy as it could be for me. This included letting me drive to training from school during the week as well as going home after matches every weekend to ensure I could train. My teachers were always so generous with their time, which meant that whenever I got behind on work they would always make time for me to come and meet with them to explain anything I was struggling with. Now being at University, it has made me miss my unbelievable house mistress and teachers so much as they were such a key part in my happiness at Stowe and in allowing me to succeed in both my academics and in my riding. Without their support I received during my time there, I would definitely not have been able to achieve the A levels I was aiming for in addition to becoming the Junior European Champion that same summer.

School sport was one of my favourite things about Stowe and something that I miss endlessly after leaving as University sport doesn’t quite compare to training and playing matches with your closest friends. I would always leave for training after school matches on a Saturday as they were one of my favourite things and some of my fondest memories from Stowe were made on the sports pitches.