10 Feb 2020
Meet Evie England -Hockey Scholar

Full Name:

Evelyn England

Sport or Sports:


When did you start playing?

At primary school but did not join a club until I was 11.

Who is your sporting icon?

Alex Danson as she has represented her country many times whilst being captain and was selected for the Great Britain team to compete in the Olympics, I wish to get to her level one day. She is a highly skilled player and even after a serious injury, strives to get back to play for England again.

What is the highest level that you have represented?

I play for South Midlands regional team, and train with Buckingham Ladies 1st team.

Pre-game ritual?

I don’t have a specific ritual, but the teams I play for come together before each game and we motivate each other and talk tactics before shouting our team name.

Favourite sporting moment?

Scoring a goal as a defender after asking Mr Scott to play forward against Repton, where I rolled past players and shot right hand top corner.

Favourite Pre-game meal?


What are your aims in terms of your sport? Short term and long term

I hope to be selected for Futures Cup this summer and then for the U18 England squad. Long term I wish to play for the England team. I also hope to start playing indoor hockey with Buckingham Ladies as well as playing my first game for the Buckingham ladies 1st team.