02 Dec 2020
Stowe Sports Summary Nov 2020

Girls’ Hockey

Lottie Moffat (Fourth Form, Nugent), Larissa Campbell (Fifth Form, Nugent), Emily Sutton (Fifth Form, Queen’s), Elizabeth Knott (Fifth Form, Nugent), Cassidy Jorritsma (Lower Sixth, Cheshire) and Abigail Roberts (Lower Sixth, Cheshire) are currently trialling for U17 Performance Centre squads. It is a fantastic achievement to have so many pupils involved in these trials and we wish them all the best of luck.
Ben Scott, Head of Hockey

Holly Phillips (Upper Sixth, Nugent) and Cosima Prestwich (Upper Sixth, Nugent) have both made the England U19 Regional Academy. Elizabeth Knott (Fifth Form, Nugent) has made the England U17 Regional Academy and Maddie Baker (Third Form, Queen’s) and Emelia Brett (Third Form, Queen’s) have been selected for the England U15 Regional Academy. Well played girls!
Robert Ingham Clark, Head of Lacrosse


On Saturday 10 October, 18 Stoics trialled for the U17 Wasps Netball Hub, which will be based at Stowe moving forwards. A huge congratulations to six of our girls who were selected at trials; Ola Kalu (Lower Sixth, Cheshire), Josephine Marr (Lower Sixth, West), Emelia Brett (Third Form, Queen’s), Lottie Moffat (Fourth Form, Nugent), Lydia Mosely (Lower Sixth, Cheshire) and Ruby Colebrook (Fourth Form, Queen’s). They will join Isabelle Kaye (Fourth Form, Cheshire) and Pheobe Haynes (Fourth Form, Cheshire) who have already been selected for the U17 Wasps team.
Those girls who were not initially selected for the hub, will now form the Wasps School Elite Programme, which is a performance programme run by Wasps and is exclusive for those schools that host a hub team. Continuing on the theme of Wasps Netball, Megan Thorne (Upper Sixth, Cheshire) has been signed by the Wasps Senior Netball team, who are part of the Vitality Super League, which is shown on Sky Sports. This is a huge and well-deserved achievement for Megan and we look forward to seeing her play alongside current senior England Roses players on TV soon!
Victoria Dias, Head of Netball

Alternative Sport Programme

On Saturday 14 November, our Alternative Sport Programme saw the first ever playing of Gaelic Football at Stowe, with several rugby teams enjoying the opportunity to play one of Ireland’s most popular games.
The group rounds of the Inter-House hockey for Junior girls were completed with the final stages to be played soon. The Senior lacrosse tournament continued into its second weekend, with one more set of matches to go. The netball courts were again very busy as the Senior girls showed the Senior rugby players the finer arts of the game in a mixed friendly tournament.
The weather during these activities was atrocious. Heavy rain and a cold wind tested the resolve of everyone who stepped outside. However, all the Staff involved with taking sport that afternoon, were full of praise for the way the Stoics just got on with their activity with their usual enthusiasm. That showed two important and valuable attributes, namely grit and a positive attitude. Well done to you all for making what could have been a difficult afternoon another very positive one.
Craig Sutton, Director of Sport