13 Jan 2021
Inter House Hockey

Senior Inter-House Hockey
The Senior girls’ Inter-House hockey was another afternoon filled with lots of enthusiasm
and energy. Each House entered at least one team into a two-group tournament. After the
group stages the standings meant that Queen’s B team, West and Stanhope were competing
in the Plate competition as a round robin. Stanhope came out as Plate winners.
In the main competition, Nugent and Cheshire played out an exciting Semi-Final with
Nugent advancing on to the Final. The other Semi-Final was Queen’s A team against
Lyttelton where Queen’s took the victory to progress into the Final against a strong Nugent
The Final saw some nice hockey played from both teams but Nugent showed their depth
and strength over the Queen’s team. Nugent were the overall winners with a convincing 4-1
Megan Lewis-Williams, Hockey Coach

Fifth Form Girls Inter-House Hockey On Saturday 14 November, the Fifth Form girls’ Inter-House hockey competition kicked off to light up the astros, with some dazzling displays! With each of the four Houses entering one team, each team played the others in a round robin affair, with the top two through to the Cup Final and lower two to battle it out for the Plate. After a tough round robin, Queen’s qualified for the Cup outright, remaining undefeated and qualified for the plate. Before the Finals commenced, Nugent managed a tight golden goal win over Stanhope, to go above them in the final table. In the Plate Final, Stanhope triumphed 1-0 over Lyttelton in a tightly contested affair, featuring excellent leadership from Clara Capella (Stanhope), skills from Flo Hooper (Stanhope) and passing from Evie Brooks (Stanhope), Isabella Ellott (Stanhope) and Olivia Otter (Stanhope). Tilly Poole (Lyttelton) and Ruby Cooke (Lyttelton) formed a stern defence for Lyttelton and Jemima Roberts (Lyttelton) alongside Ella Gray-Cheape (Lyttelton)offered some great attacking intent, using Ava Hill’s (Lyttelton) great dribbling skill. In the Cup Final, Queen’s struck first with an early goal that caught Nugent offguard after some early possession to go 1-0 up. This featured some excellent passages of play, featuring pinpoint passes from Hannah Bewes (Queen’s), hard work from Willa Percy (Queen’s) and strong leading from Maria Hamilton (Queen’s). After a strong save from the stand-in Nugent keeper, Calypso Riviere (Nugent), the tide turned for Nugent to apply pressure on the Queens’ goal, which is how the rest of the match played out. Nugent were then the side on the front foot with several strong shots stopped by Phoebe Wiseman (Queen’s), in goal for Queens’. Nugent continued to put pressure on Queens’ goal with mazy runs from and Lizzie Knott (Nugent), strong defence from Immy Taylor (Nugent) and excellent distribution from Olivia Scott-Copley (Nugent). Hattie Goodrich (Nugent) and Millie Parr (Nugent) worked well to string the team together, driving to space when needed and linking the team together with some quick passing. After substantial Nugent pressure that was repelled by an excellent defensive partnership of Megan Churchill (Queen’s) and Tallulah Morris (Queen’s), the ball eventually fell to Larissa Campbell (Nugent), with her tucking the ball into the goal with less than a minute to go. Full-time was blown with the result 1-1 between the two teams, meaning the match would go to extra time and golden goal with each team losing a player every minute the match continued. Two minutes in and each team down to five players, the ball was passed to Emily Sutton (Queen’s) on top D from the right-hand side, who placed the ball into the bottom left corner, leaving the goalkeeper with no chance and winning the match.

Dominic Blackmore Beales

Fourth Form Inter-House Hockey Day one of the Fourth Form Girls’ Inter-House Hockey tournament took place on Saturday 14 November. The Houses were separated into two pools with both Queen’s and Cheshire entering two teams. Pool 1 saw Cheshire A, Nugent, Lyttelton and Queen’s B in action. There were a number of emphatic score lines, reflective of some fantastic, high-intensity hockey in relatively short periods of play. In one of the tighter games, we saw Cheshire A defeat Nugent by one goal to nil to pull out of the pool undefeated, in first place. Nugent followed hot on their tail in second, Queen’s B came in third and Lyttelton in fourth. Pool 2 included Queen’s A, Stanhope and Cheshire B. Queen’s A had two convincing wins coming out on top. Stanhope defeated Cheshire B, 2-0, meaning they came in second followed by Cheshire B in third. Finals day took place on Tuesday 24 November. From the pools, the teams were then split into the Cup and Plate competitions. The Plate included a round robin between Queen’s B, Cheshire B and Lyttelton. Queen’s B dominated the group and secured the Plate. To determine the winners of the Cup, Cheshire A took on Stanhope and Queen’s A played Nugent. Stanhope put in a great team effort and piled on the pressure to hold Cheshire A to 0-0 at full time. It then went to sudden death penalty flicks to decide who would take their place in the final. Cheshire A eventually came out on top after a gripping, penalty flick stalemate between the two teams. Nugent defeated Queen’s A in the other Semi-Final, meaning it was a Nugent vs Cheshire A Final. Nugent dominated, entering Cheshire’s D on several occasions. They were aggressive going forward and put Cheshire’s defence under pressure. For the entire 10 minutes, Cheshire were able to hold off Nugent’s attack and all was even. The Final went to sudden death, with one player coming off every minute. Both teams were beginning to tire and were down to three players each, when Cheshire caught Nugent on the break. Nugent had dictated most of the game Cheshire took their chance and stole a goal through Ceara Cusiter (Cheshire), drawing the Final to an end and coming out as winners of the Cup. It was great to see some healthy competition between teammates. The U15s have been a fantastic group to work with this term and it was great to see them in action.

Thalia Felton,

Third Form Girls Inter-House Hockey Pool Stages On the Monday 14 November the Third Form girls competed in the Inter-House Hockey tournament. This was the second major sporting House competition since Soccer Sunday on the first Sunday of term. The Houses were split into two pools and two Houses managed to enter two teams. Group 1 included Lyttelton, Queen's B, Nugent and Cheshire A. Group 2 included Stanhope, Cheshire B and Queen's A. The top two in each group advanced to the Cup whilst third and fourth in Group 1 and third in Group 2 advanced to the Plate. The standard of hockey was excellent and despite the horrendous weather conditions, the girls' character and commitment shone through - a true Stowe performance from them all. After the completion of the pools, it was decided to host the Finals day later on in the term. Nugent and Cheshire A advanced to the Cup from Group 1 and Lyttelton and Queen's B qualified for the Plate. In Group 2, Queen's A and Stanhope advanced to the Cup and Cheshire B qualified for the plate. Finals Day The girls completed the Inter-House tournament during their training slot on Monday 23 November. The atmosphere was fantastic in the Staff watching were in for another treat. The Plate was a round robin tournament and eventually went down to goal difference! Lyttelton finished third, Cheshire B finished second and the winners were Queen's B - scoring one extra goal to seal the win. The Cup was very tense with three of the four matches being decided by a single goal. In the first Semi-Final, Nugent edged past Stanhope 1-0 and Cheshire then beat Queen's A 3-0. In the third-place playoff, Stanhope beat Queen's A 2-1 in a fantastic game of hockey before everyone stayed to watch the much-anticipated Final between Nugent and Cheshire. Nugent had beaten Cheshire 2-0 during the pool stages, but the stage was set for a very competitive Final. Both teams had chances in the first few minutes but goalkeepers Alice Watson (Nugent) and Darcey Moran (Cheshire) made some excellent saves. Jojo Parker (Cheshire) went close for Cheshire before Gwen Grovit (Nugent) saved the post with a penalty corner strike. Nugent increased the pressure on the Cheshire goal but excellent defending from Izzy Cox (Cheshire) and Ari Hay (Cheshire) kept Nugent from taking the lead. Minty Orchard (Nugent) shot just wide after eight minutes as the game neared extra time. With 30 seconds to go, Jojo Parker broke free on the right, but a fantastic last-ditch tackle from Dominie Dubsky (Nugent)meant to match ended 0-0 after normal time.Rather than going to penalty strokes, the match continued with the golden goal rule. Whichever team scored first would win the game. As an added twist, after each minute, one player was taken off the pitch! The match continued at a frantic pace as Watson saved from Hay and Nugent won a penalty corner after good work by Orchard. A well worked penalty corner between Dubsky and Grovit saw Dubsky shoot from a tight angle only for the ball to strike the inside of the post and rebound behind Moran in goal and go out for a side line! The match continued at 0-0 until both teams were down to three players - very tiring! Both Houses decided to take off their goalkeeper which left Parker and Hay for Cheshire and Grovit and Dubsky for Nugent. The girls played fantastically well and showed endless grit and determination. With 20 seconds to go until the teams were down to 1 v 1, Jojo Parker gathered the ball on the baseline before dummying to peel strong and finished smartly with her reverse stick to win the Cup for Cheshire. Cue some mild celebrations! This was one of the most thrilling House Finals in recent years and congratulations go to all teams that took part.

Ben Scott, Head of Hockey