22 Jan 2021
Stowe Sports Summary Jan 2021


Stowe’s PGA Golf Professional, Andrew Hancox, managed to shoot the lights out just prior to Lockdown III by recording a superb six under par round of 64 here on our new Golf Course.
Whilst partnering Ben George, Stowe’s Graduate Sports coach, Andrew rolled back the years to the time when he was competing on numerous worldwide professional tours as a full-time touring professional, by recording a magnificent and flawless round consisting of 6 birdies, 12 pars and, most importantly, no drop shot bogeys! It is widely felt that this score of 64 will stand the test of time as the new course record and, more importantly, will act as a great source of inspiration for Stowe’s cohort of Golf Scholars and Golf Academy players as they strive to beat such a low score. Ben George, a keen and competent golfer, signed the scorecard and commented on how much of a privilege it was to witness golf of such a high quality.
The scorecard will be formally displayed inside the new Golf Club House and we congratulate Andrew on such a fine golfing achievement.
Craig Sutton, Director of Sport


On Saturday 5 December, Charity Horse Shows organised a virtual dressage competition. A dressage arena was set up at the Equestrian Centre and pupils rode their dressage test which was videoed and then sent to the competition organiser. The judges awarded the following places to the Stoics who took part.
Prelim 7
First - Danill Nedoshovenko (Third Form, Walpole) Third - Libby Hayes (Lower Sixth, Lyttelton) Fourth - Sophie Taylor (Fifth Form, Lyttelton) Fifth - Lilly-Rose Tadier-Holtshausen (Third Form, Stanhope)
Novice 28
First - Bo Jenkins (Lower Sixth, Stanhope) Bo was also awarded ‘most stylish rider’ rosette.

Angela Haycock, Equestrian Centre Manager

Just before Christmas, whilst Henry Hobby (Upper Sixth, Chatham) was sick in bed with Covid-19, some good news came in! Henry and his horse Harry were invited by Darrell Scaife (BE Youth Performance Manager) to be on the 2021 Youth Performance Programme Development Squad. This is a real honour for his eventing and a reflection of his commitment and hard work to the sport. He has had to qualify for this squad by reaching a certain level in 2020, which was certainly trickier last year than in previous years!
‘The Youth Performance Programme identifies talented riders, and their horses, that may have the potential for International recognition, and to provide help and encouragement to develop that talent and potential. The Youth Performance Programme will also prepare and select the combinations for the annual Youth European Championships for Juniors and Young Riders.’
‘Development Squad combinations are invited to attend training with the Youth Performance Coaches, along with receiving support from the wider Youth Performance team who will work closely with rider’s own home team, including coaches, vet, farrier and physiotherapist. Inclusion in the Development Squad is entirely performance related.’

Liam Copely, Chatham Houseparent


Grant Seely, Stowe’s Director of Rugby, interviewed Northampton Saints Captain, Alex Waller, who gave an in-depth view of what it’s like to be a professional rugby player. Alex shared his experiences of the highs and lows of his journey and gave tips and advice for young aspiring players at Stowe.


George Coote is currently posting daily fitness workouts on YouTube to keep the Stowe community moving in this latest lockdown. How did you get into fitness as a career?
Having been a Sports Scholar here at Stowe, I left to pursue a career as a rugby player which included a season in France and a season in Australia. A couple of less well-timed injuries later, I opted to study Sports Science up in Manchester instead. After leaving university, I started working as a personal trainer and a few years later did an MSc in Strength & Conditioning. It was at this time that I had the opportunity to come back to Stowe and work with the rugby 7s squad at the time, which was great experience and started me on my Strength & Conditioning career.
Why do you think exercise is especially important during lockdown?
Exercise is so important throughout the course of our lives and even more so now general activity has reduced because of the lockdown measures. General physical exercise is so good for physical and mental health and everyone should be trying to get outside as much as possible and do at least half an hour of exercise each day.
What are your top five tips for fitness at home?
The five pieces of advice I believe everyone should follow are:
1. Have three meals a day, including breakfast 2. Have protein and fibre in every meal 3. Make water your most common beverage, 90% of the liquid you consume 4. Eat five pieces of fruit and five different vegetables every day 5. Exercise for 30 minutes each day - follow the videos on YouTube they are varied and will develop everyone, regardless of their current physical conditioning.
What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t enjoy exercise?
Find something you enjoy doing and then exercise will not become a chore. The media forces types of exercise upon us and makes us think it’s the only way. Being physically active does not need to be about losing weight, if you prioritise enjoyment then you will undoubtedly stick to a certain form of exercise and you are far more likely to be consistent and generate results. Consistency is key, so find something you want to do every day.
What motivates you?

Every time I am asked this, I think my answer changes. I used to be solely motivated by rugby, then I was obsessed by appearance. Now I am motivated by enjoyment. Every time I train it must be fun. The challenge of achieving something new or just enjoying the process of running around with friends. The last year has totally revolutionised my own fitness journey and I encourage everyone to find a form of physical activity they love, that way you will never feel like it’s hard work.

George Coote, Head of Athletic Development Performance Programme


During term time, the yoga classes at Stowe are not just a blend of strength work and flexibility, but also provide a chance to reset, de-stress and create a mindful approach to movement. Each class is tailored to the group and works toward small progressive goals throughout the terms that add up to huge progress by the end of the year. In our current online programme that hasn’t changed.
Our new online programme has three classes a week released on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The first is a tutorial on the proper techniques of the poses used within the second class of the week which is the flow, a flow is the proper use of uninterrupted movement and breath. This term we are building towards the first 30 of 90 poses in the Rocket yoga sequence. A student could then take a Rocket yoga class anywhere in the world and know exactly what they were doing. The third session of the week is a Vinyasa yoga class, no experience required and each has a different focus including such things as:
• A seated session for achy backs that can be done at your desk
• Hips and hamstrings for runners
• Arm balances for beginners
• Lower back tension release
• Intro to inversions
The idea behind structuring the classes this way is to include not just Miss Owen’s regular students and maintain their progress, but anyone who needs a 10-minute stretch at any point in their day, a mini-break from work. Stoics, Staff and Parents alike are encouraged to take a moment for themselves during these strange times, you are guaranteed to feel lifted, and if you happen to be able to touch your toes by the end of term that’s just a bonus!
Mell Raine, Yoga & Dance Instructor